Digital Teacher Training Course:

Still Teaching in Traditional way? Come Lets Change:

Dear Friends Today computer Literacy is must for all persons as technology made computers as a part of our life.

As a Teacher we have to adopt new technology and acquire new and interesting techniques in Teaching.

One of the differences between private schools and government schools is using computers for teaching and non-teaching purposes. Due to some government policies and some technical reasons strength in our government schools is getting down. Posts are decreasing.

So the government is planning to introduce English medium and Computers in our primary schools also.

                           In order to survive as a teacher in upcoming days we have to learn English and Computer basics. I think most of the government teachers yet to learn computers. One wonderful thing is that most of them are having computer or lap tap at their finger tips. But they don’t dare to use them or they don’t feel necessity of learning computers.

Now students are not interested to look at the black board and writings of a Teacher. They are already familiar to watch the cartoon network channels and other cartoon characters before coming to school. Even we don’t know the names of these characters. So students in primary level are not even interested to look at the black board also. But we are forcing them to look at the black board.


Digital teacher Training Course

Can we see  these smiles while Teaching Learning Process ?

Is it possible for a child to learn happily? Is it joyful teaching learning process? In order to make it joyful we have to go in the way of child to create interest among the children towards our teaching learning process. This should be possible only when we use Teaching Learning Material in the process. Let us see how computer involve in this process.  

   In this teaching with computers includes  

  • Using appropriate tunes for rhymes
  • Searching suitable videos
  • Creating Worksheets according to our lesson
  • Preparing question papers
  • Recording the progress of the students
  • Exhibiting the knowledge of the students by maintaining portfolios

                               In order to do all the above tasks we should learn basic knowledge of computers. But many of us are not in a position to go and learn computers in institution. So for all of them we have designed an Online Digital Teacher Training Course. You can learn by just watching the videos at your convenient time. That is online learning.


               Watch the Introduction of this course. I am going to launch the full course in couple of days. Please send your responses and inquiries on this website.

              I just want to know how many of you are wishing to learn this course.

Wishing You all the best




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