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How to teach C grade students ?

How to teach C grade students ?

Dear colleagues,

Greetings for the new academic year .

We are all in school readiness program and our goal is to achieve  Minimum levels of learning  in all of our students in TELUGU ,MATHS,ENGLISH. Yes we are all dedicated to try this one.

                                   But how?

  •  How is it possible to teach easily for the slow learners and the students who are backward in class and unable to achieve the standards of previous class.
  • What to do with the A grade students?
  • How to create interest towards  academic activities?
  • How to design activities for different categories of students in all subjects?
  • What may be the Teaching learning material to use ?
  • How to prepare TLM and use appropriately in low cost?

If these are the questions in your mind, you are in right place to find out the answers.

We are preparing some work sheets to use them level wise in the above process.I know that you all are very intelligent and may be aware of these type of work sheets. But I am creating a platform where we can discuss our problems and find out solutions and collectively we can go forward to achieve our goals. You may suggest your experiences in the form of comments below.

  • We have prepared Telugu ” SARALA PADALU” , “GUNINTHA PADALU” to read and use in class room activities . remaining ” OTTU PADALU ” in two forms “dvitvaaksharaalu” and “samyuktha aksharaalu” coming soon..with in two days.
  • Use Old news papers , “Hai bujji”in eenadu and SAKSHI play pen activities for the A grade students while you are busy with C grade students.
  •   Here we are uploading the work sheets.And we will upload can download  and use them.

Wishing you all the best…

Click here to download :telugu work sheet praveen







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