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Online Tutoring

Working as an online tutor you can earn by sitting before your computer / laptop in your convenient time. As the world became a small village due to globalization, and technology you can teach anyone from any country any corner of the world. For this you need not to invest very much. Just you need is a computer with internet connection, headset.

                                          You can teach anything. There are many persons waiting to know many things. There are many courses on How to cook delicious food , Yoga courses, Music, Dance, Painting ,How to troubleshoot hardware and software problems on computer etc… anything you can select according to your skills to teach.    

                        Plenty of people are having computers at their fingertips but they don’t know how to create, save, copy files and they don’t know how to create and print a word document or excel .They don’t know many things because they don’t need them at that time. But when they need to do small things like listed above they are not in a position to go to institute and learn that course.

                                      Plenty of people are trying to learn small things on internet. So just identify the skills in which you are perfect and you can teach. Prepare notes, videos, or powerpoint presentations to strengthen your teaching offer notes to your students this will make you effective tutor. 

                                  Now you have to select popular online tutoring websites and register. Create interesting and strong profile. Students are attracted by reading your profile only. Your profile should contain your qualification, experience and price you are charging per hour or per course, duration, your availability hours etc…

                         Transact your course in an attractive manner and get paid. For getting paid some of websites need third party platforms like PayPal account which is created by your mail id.

                          The following are some popular online tutoring websites. You can find hundreds of websites on Google search.

Remember that in any field competition is there .You have to do hard work to get success. You have to explain people that why they have to select you as a tutor, or how you are different from others?

                     “Try and try until you reach your goal”.

Our team is preparing an online video course through which you can learn & understand how to work as an online tutor easily.

     “There is no shortcut for success; hard work is the only way”.


                                                   Wishing you all the best

                                                                            Yours loving



  1. Freelance of Online tutoring is a good way to earn income from home.With online tutoring, we can reach and teach global audience.It is of the sectors which is growing rapidly. I would like to add one more online tutoring website to tyhe list,

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