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What Government Teachers are doing?

What Government Teachers are doing?

It has became a trend to blame government teachers all over the both Telugu states . But do you know  what type of duties are they performing ? What is the staff of the private schools and  what are the facilities they are having, What are the works they are in-charge  ? Despite of all these limitations some of our Teachers are performing well and preparing students to compete with the students of  rest of the world .

I am just giving samples of our government teacher’s work . I am just creating a platform to give publicity to our talent. With this publicity only private schools are getting lakhs of students and crores of money . They will just focus two or three guys who get succeed. Then Why don’t we do publicity ? In fact most of  the people publicize our mistakes done some of our staff. but no body focus on Excellent Teacher’s work . I am taking the responsibility to give publicity of my government teachers. This will inspire hundreds of Teachers to do more work and get better results.

Here is the  talent  of  some students in Nelakondapally Mandal, Khammam district, Telangana.

These two are first class students of MPPS Mandrajupally School ,Nelakondapally Mandal . Most of other schools are also having the same talent. Due to lack of time we are presenting some of them only.. More will come soon

Watch the talent of these children and effort of their Teachers. The MEO of this mandal kept effort to make all the primary schools in the mandal to start English medium in This Academic year .

This is the talent of a 1st class student of PS Bodulabanda (HC) Student

These students are saying action words

This student is reciting shathaka padyalu

Please contact  me if you have extraordinary performance with you. This is the right platform to expose .You will get how many people are liking  and following and giving you support.

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